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Our Mission

Serving Veterans with Invisible Wounds

Napoleon Dog

Our mission is to provide our military veterans diagnosed with PTSD and TBI another method of healing through service dogs and training. Through our programs, we seek to help heal visible and invisible wounds, provide families with new beginnings, and raise awareness about the potential of shelter and rescue dogs everywhere.

Al & Boss BSSD 2021
Golden Dog
Dog's Portrait
Pitbull Portrait
Doggie Stay
Doggie Handshake
Giving a Hand
Vet & Dog
Dog Outside

Our Programs

Dog giving a high five

STAR Training Programs

Prison Housed Basic Training

We have two prison training programs for our service dog cadets.
Both facilities house selected dogs for 4-6 months prior to pairing them with a veteran.

Bring Your Own Dog

For Qualifying Veterans and Dogs

Sometimes our veterans have formed a bond with a dog already in their home. With the Bring Your Own Dog program, once the veteran is accepted, the dog will be evaluated to determine training as a service dog.

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