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About Us

Our Mission Continues

Our organization was founded in 2010. Family, friends, and supporters worked tirelessly to build this organization, and we are honored to continue the mission as ‘Blue Star Service Dogs’. The transition to Blue Star Service Dogs in 2019 honors all Combat Veterans and their families that serve our country with them. Many Veterans are still ‘In Combat’ with invisible wounds after discharge. By pairing them with their service dog and proper training, we support them in their challenge to come "all the way home".

There are reports on the effects of invisible wounds as a result of combat in every era, every conflict. Whether they were "Shell Shocked" or "Combat Fatigued", the challenges have spanned generations by those who have served our country.


Today, there are innovative and creative treatments for these men and women veterans. Service Dog studies are showing the benefits to individuals with PTSD reducing depression symptoms by 82%. This ripple effect creates decreased needs for medication, increased community integration, and increased quality of life with a sense of purpose. The ripple effect of a service dog continues to family, friends, employers, and community of each recipient.

Over time, we hear our graduate Veterans talking about doing more activities without their service dogs working for them. This increased confidence and functionality is what any medical service provider is looking for in treatment of a  veteran demonstrating anxiety or depression symptoms. Service Dogs can be the perfect addition to support a medical treatment plan.

Our program is veteran focused. This process is about training the veteran and service dogs over time to increase the working bond between veteran and dog. It also is a unique model that increases sustainability of a service dog as a  functional tool to decrease or eliminate symptoms from their disability.

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