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Application Process

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Dog Training

Our application process has three stages.

  • First, submit an application request with some information about you.

  • Second, you will receive a phone call (please allow at least 10 business days for processing time) requesting an conversation over the phone. We will ask for information about your home, lifestyle, and expectations of having a service dog. You can ask more specifics about our dogs, training process, or service dog questions.

  • Finally, only after admission committee approval, you may be invited to an orientation at our training center. This third step allows the applicant to see the training center and meet the trainers. After the orientation you will complete a face to face interview and formal application if approved.

This process keeps in mind that applying for a service dog should be accessible to veterans. The applicant can seek information of the training programs to see if it is a good fit for their medical treatment plan. 

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STAR Dog and Training

Applications are suspended at this time

The STAR dog and training program is our main mission. This program selects dogs from shelters and rescues, places them in our prison housed dog training program, and then pairs them with veteran candidates.
The program starts with education on service dog laws, dog behavior, training exposure and finally being paired with a STAR dog. After pairing, weekly sessions at the Training Center and daily training on their own continues for about a year while earning Canine Good Citizen, Task Training, and Public Access testing. 

Bring Your Own Dog Training

Application process suspended at this time

Sometimes our veterans have formed a bond with a dog already in their home. With the Bring Your Own Dog program, once the veteran is accepted, the dog will be evaluated to determine training potential to be a service dog. Some of the criteria for the dog is;

  • Completed basic obedience classes/ training

  • Spay/ neutered

  • Between 10 months and 4 years of age

  • Veterinarian certification of Health and up to date on vaccines and preventatives

  • No history of aggression

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