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Our Team

Trish Barnes 
Executive Director & Trainer  

Trish has over two decades in the animal world; Trish has worn multiple hats, excelling as a Veterinary Technician Nurse, Deputized First Responder Animal Control Officer, Animal Control Shelter Manager, and skilled dog trainer. Trained by some of the world's renowned experts in dog behavior and body language, she possesses deep insights into animal behavior.

Her extensive career spans collaboration with various government agencies across the United States, focusing on animal laws, cruelty cases, and comprehensive training programs. Trish is committed to continuous learning and regularly engages in courses to broaden her knowledge.

In addition to her professional roles, Trish plays a pivotal role in another non-profit organization in Saginaw. Project Underdog facilitates the provision of dog houses and shelters for outdoor dogs. The organization's primary goal is to liberate dogs from chains and transition them into warm homes, complete with a comfortable couch.

​Trish is fueled by a passion for education and making a positive impact on lives, be they human or animal. Drawing on her first-hand experience as a first responder, she empathizes with the daily struggles faced by those in this line of work. Trish is dedicated to supporting first responders and military veterans, aiming to prevent them from reaching a point of crisis.


Tina Peterson



Tina Peterson, driven by her passion for real estate and love for dogs, expertly blends her professional expertise in home buying and selling with a commitment to meaningful causes. With extensive experience in the real estate industry, Tina is a staunch advocate for her clients, colleagues, and community. Known for her compassion, tenacity, and dedication, Tina is eager to bring the same high level of service and commitment to her role as President of Blue Star Service Dogs.

Blue Star Service Dogs, a non-profit organization close to Tina’s heart, has been dedicated to rescuing, training, and placing qualified canines with military veterans and first responders for several years. The organization provides essential support to those experiencing PTSD, TBI, or other disabilities. Tina’s extensive experience working with veteran clients and her professional relationships with team members who have served led her to Blue Star Service Dogs, introduced by a veteran client and Veteran Caseworker for the House of Representatives. Initially starting as a volunteer, Tina soon leveraged her real estate expertise to assist the organization in navigating township requirements, ensuring they could continue their vital work.

Recognized as one of Michigan’s Real Estate All-Stars, Tina has been instrumental in ensuring Blue Star Service Dogs can continue their mission of rescuing, training, and placing dogs with veterans and first responders in need. She established a lasting partnership with the organization, expanding her involvement to include her real estate team. Together, they organized the inaugural Blue Star Service Dogs fundraiser, raising an impressive $17,000, with all contributions directly supporting the organization. In addition to adopting a dog who didn’t quite meet the service dog training requirements, Tina is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, balancing her professional and personal commitments with grace and dedication.

Our Supporters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizations, companies, and individuals who generously support our mission of assisting both our cherished dogs and honorable veterans. Your contributions in the form of monetary donations, essential supplies, valuable services, and event assistance are deeply appreciated. Thank you for your unwavering support.

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