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Star Dogs and Training

Our Core Mission

Selected from different shelters and rescues, our dogs are tested for behavior and characteristics a dog must have to start training to be a service dog.
From shelter to prison, our dogs will transition to their new environment and start their daily training overseen by the trainers at Blue Star Service Dogs. Located in Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer, Michigan or in Saginaw Correctional facility's Veteran block in Freeland Michigan, a dog may be housed for 4-6 months, with their inmate handlers. These dogs master basic obedience, command training, and pre-task training and basic tasks such as turning off and on lights, picking up objects, and opening doors.
Once paired with a veteran the dog will go home with them and start weekly training at the Training Center in Pinckney Michigan. In those sessions the veteran and dog team learn trust, commands, routines, and complete that emotional bond. 
Training will include several levels of testing including Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Community, Canine Good Citizen Urban

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Taking the dog for a walk

Bring Your Own Dog

Sometimes our veterans have formed a bond with a dog already in their home. With the Bring Your Own Dog program, once the veteran is accepted, the dog will be evaluated to determine training as a service dog. Some of the criteria for the dog is;

  • Completed basic obedience classes/ training

  • Spay/ neutered

  • Veterinarian certification of Health and up to date on vaccines and preventatives

  • No history of aggression

The training will also take place weekly for at least a year at the Training Center in Pinckney, Michigan. Where the veteran and dog team will strengthen their bond working together and healing.

Our Programs: About
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