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How you can help

Donation of Products

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In-kind Donations


Repair and Maintenance: Your expertise ensures our facilities remain safe, efficient, and conducive to our vital work.


Cleaning: Your commitment to cleanliness not only fosters a welcoming environment but also supports the health and well-being of our team and those we serve.


Software and Applications Experience: Your proficiency in technology empowers us to streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and better serve our community.


Marketing, Fundraising, Grant Writing, etc.: Your strategic insight and creativity are instrumental in amplifying our message, securing crucial funding, and expanding our reach to those in need.


Event Support and Presentations: Your assistance in organizing events and delivering impactful presentations strengthens our connection with the community and raises awareness about our mission and initiatives.


Volunteer Coordination: Your dedication to organizing and managing volunteers amplifies our impact and extends our reach within the community.


Transportation Assistance: Providing transport dogs from prison to veterinary appointments.


Join us in our mission to support Blue Star Service Dogs, as well as our courageous first responders, through Donation Drives and

Third-Party Fundraisers!

For those passionate volunteers eager to make a difference, our Donation Drives offer a rewarding opportunity to gather essential items. By participating, you directly contribute to meeting the needs of our beloved Veterans, first responders, and their service dogs, aiding them in completing their crucial training.

Meanwhile, organizing a third-party fundraiser event, benefit, or sale is not only a fantastic way to show your support but also an opportunity to unleash your creativity!


Whether attending or hosting, these events promise an enjoyable and meaningful experience, all while making a tangible difference in the lives of our service members, first responders, and their loyal service dogs. 

Thank you sincerely for your interest in volunteering with Blue Star Service Dogs! Your support means a great deal to us.


It's important to clarify that at Blue Star Service Dogs, we do not house dogs nor do we require individuals to undertake responsibilities such as grooming, exercising, or socializing the dogs.


Our Training Center is specifically designed for veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD and TBI, providing them with the opportunity to work alongside their medical service dogs to alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions. To ensure the privacy and comfort of our participants, training sessions are not open to volunteers or spectators.


While you won't be interacting directly with the dogs, there are many other meaningful ways to contribute to our mission. We welcome adult volunteers, as well as supervised minors or minors representing organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Honor Society. However, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult when participating at the Training Center or events. Your commitment to our cause is deeply appreciated.

Wish List

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We have several WISH LISTS that let you know the MOST needed items used in our training. Blue Star Service Dogs would love to support any organizations donation drive or third-party fundraisers on our website and social media
Select Blue Star Service Dogs for:
*Facebook birthday fundraisers
*Amazon Smiles

*Chewy Gives Back
*PayPal Charitable Giving
*Company matching programs

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