Support Services

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering to support Blue Star Service Dogs! We appreciate you! Please read the following areas in need of support to Rescue One to Heal Another!
Please note that Blue Star Service Dogs does not house dogs or require individuals to groom or socialize dogs.
Our Training Center is for Veteran’s diagnosed with PTSD and TBI to work with their medical service dog to address symptoms of these physical and mental health diagnosis. Training sessions are not open to volunteers or spectators out of respect for our veteran’s medical privacy.
All volunteers must be adults, supervised minors or minors participating with an organization (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Honor Society, etc) to work at the Training Center or events without the supervision of a responsible adult.

Pet Toys

Donation of Products

We are always in need of office supplies or gift cards, cleaning products, training treats, dog toys, household supplies for our Boot Camps, and other miscellaneous items that will help our dog and Veteran teams.

Donation of Services

We are constantly improving our Training Center and Operation department and are grateful to those knowledgeable in repair and maintenance, cleaning, electronic software and applications experience, marketing and fundraising, grant writing, etc.

Donation Drives and 3rd party Fundraisers

This is perfect for those supportive volunteers who like to get involved and complete a targeted goal for Blue Star Service Dogs.

  • Collecting frequently used items in a Donation Drive is a quick way to meet the Veterans and the Dogs needs to complete training.

  • Coordinating a third-party fundraiser event, benefit, or sale to support Blue Star Service Dogs can be a creative, fun to attend and host!

Want to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and needs? Contact us today.

Wish Lists

We have several WISH LISTS that let you know the MOST needed items used in our training. Blue Star Service Dogs would love to support any organizations donation drive or third-party fundraisers on our website and social media
Select Blue Star Service Dogs for:
*Facebook birthday fundraisers
*Amazon Smiles
*PayPal Charitable Giving
*Company matching programs